Original Incorporators of the American Legion Athletic Club


Thomas Y. Beckett – Born June 30, 1891 in Aspinwall, Pennsylvania. Passed on December 20, 1951. He served as a City of Wheeling Councilman.


James R. Flynn, Sr. – A prominent Ohio County farmer and dairyman and father of Wheeling Intelligencer/Wheeling News Register Editor Thomas Flynn. City of Wheeling Councilman. Resided at his farm in the Mt. DeChantal area. Born June 4, 1856 and died at age 87 on May 10, 1943. He was a member of St. Michael’s Catholic Church. He was described as a “Pioneer”.


Bernard E. Kaiser – Born April 16, 1895 and passed July 29, 1960 at age 65. He was a credit manager for a lumber yard.


George W. Prettyman, Jr. – Born November 12, 1873 and lived on Wheeling Island for 40 years. He worked as a machinist for the Wheeling Axle Co. and the Spear Axle Co. He died August 19, 1954.


Sam Front – Noteworthy Wheeling Jewish leader.


Cosmas M. Kahl – Born August 13, 1897 and lived in Wheeling in the Point Mills – Springer Addition. He died at age 45 on November 6, 1942. He was an auto mechanic. He served as a civil automobile instructor at Camp Lee in Virginia. He served in World War I (1917-1919). He was on furlough from the military and attended an American Legion Post meeting and suddenly died the next morning at age 45. He was chief mechanic at Elm Grove Motor Company.


Walter Ray “Lefty” Hamilton – Grew up on Wheeling Island and was a legendary baseball player and Head Coach of Post #1 leading Post #1 to the 1938 State Championship (the Club’s first ever). He was a successful pharmacist who operated a pharmacy on Wheeling Island.


George B. Kennedy


Walter J. Gribben – Born July 7, 1896 and died at age 61 on July 17, 1957. A Veteran of World War I and past Commander of Post #1. He graduated from St. Edwards College (now Marshall University). He was an Auditor of Fidelity Investment Association and President of the Community Foundation for the Blind. He was a cashier at Wheeling Hospital.


Bernard W. Burkle

Edmund Lee Jones – He was a prominent Wheeling lawyer. He was the father of Dr. Lee Jones (now deceased). He practiced law in Elm Grove. He was a Trustee at Linsly Military Academy for many years and a Board Member (Chairman for some time) at First National Bank of Elm Grove (now Wesbanco). He was Chairman of the J.B. Chambers Foundation for years. He served in the military. He also owned a great deal of real estate including what in now Leewood Park near Oglebay Park.


Harry T. Clouse – He was an active Republican in Ohio County and served as Sheriff of Ohio County and Circuit Court Clerk. At his death on April 2, 1956, he was the owner of the “Cricket Club” in Elm Grove. He graduated from West Virginia University and served in both World War I and World War II in the Army. On July 16, 1938, he received a communication from the National Legion offices inviting the American Legion Athletic Club to host the Regional Tournament in August 1938 including the State Champions from Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee and West Virginia. The winner advanced to the Southeastern Sectional Tournament in Charlotte, North Carolina. At the Championship Game on Sunday, August 14, 1938 between St. Louis, Missouri and Memphis, Tennessee, the American Legion Athletic Club held a ceremony pre-game to officially take ownership of the field from C.C. Holloway. Wheeling Post #1 had just won its first West Virginia State Championship. The American Legion Athletic Club was formed earlier in 1938 and six of its members fronted $18,000.00 to purchase Fulton Field from C.C. Holloway, the spouse of the former owner of Semi-Pro Baseball Team Wheeling Stoogies. Post #1 hosted the Regional at Fulton Field.


C. Lee Spillers – He was born August 6, 1901 and died November 18, 1962. Father of Judge George L. Spillers. He served in both the Navy and Marines. He went to Washington and Jefferson College where he played football. In 1921, he played on the undefeated team that was selected from the East to play the University of California in the Rose Bowl. Washington and Jefferson could not afford the send the team. The Washington and Jefferson Athletic Director mortgaged his house to pay for the trip of just 11 players. C. Lee Spillers (one of the 11 players selected to travel by train to Pasadena) fell ill with pneumonia and was left in Kansas City for treatment and missed the game. The game turned out to be the only 0-0 tie in Rose Bowl history. He was a prominent lawyer, judge and politician. He ran for Congress and was the Ohio County Prosecuting Attorney and Intermediate Court Judge. He practiced with Russell Goodwin and Charles P. Mead (longtime valley football official).


George Morrison – Born April 18, 1864 and died January 21, 1940 in Valley Grove, West Virginia at age 75. He was a farmer.


George W. Keane – Born in Grafton, West Virginia February 27, 1892 and died October 21, 1948 at age 56. He was a World War I Veteran and prominent member of Post #1. He lived in Wheeling for 38 years. At the time of his passing, he was a retired insurance salesman.


Joseph Roy Guess – Died August 2, 1978 at age 78. He was a resident of Follansbee, West Virginia. He was a Veteran of World War I and a retired Assistant Manager of Cloverdale and Weir-Cove Dairies.


Joseph F. Becke


Daniel E. Wood


C. B. Montgomery


Joe S. Jefferson – Born October 20, 1893 and died at age 57 on November 18, 1950. He lived at Howard Place (Pleasant Valley) in Wheeling (now Dimmeydale area). He was a Navy Veteran of World War I and former banker and investment broker. He served the Treasurer for the City of Wheeling.


J. R. McManus